Aircraft Hanger to the Miniature Demons

March 23, 2010

Stand for them he will as his clawed fingers wrapt around the handles of the glowing scarlet paddles on one side was tattooed The tiny passengers looked out the windows in awethe image of a naked woman writhing in flames (damn, she was sexy); on the other side there was something akin to a wispy cloud, shaped as it was like a belly dancer, maybe the taut one opposite

He walked just beyond the window; gesturing to bring the small yellow airship into its three-point landing on the work table. The passengers would step off onto the tarmac, blissfully unaware of the burning smell that wrestled the air with impunity. All of them, gone for good because of their own inability to articulate

Glad I wasted the non-refundable airfare by missing it, I was


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