TigHtly closed Eyes seeing soMething ‘neath cUrtain reSEmbling everything

August 30, 2009

maybe for the first time. You are, too.
I close my eyes and when I do, that’s when they’re staring at their most intense; a glimpse straight into the deep swirling unknown

that spatters and swirls restless

Indigo curtain hangs tautly over eyes; periodic droplets of even darker ink stain the cloth and inspire its fibers to generate coronas and gorgeous implosions and cloud cover like an organism that never stops sloughing off dead cells for live ones.

and when your eyes are closed that’s when they see what’s inside

Can’t tell you untruths because you see them, with your closed eyes that x-ray everything that I surround me with; no lead, no shield

Oh, hell.

plunging neckline and redemption in that soft perfection, it is its own reward or punishment or taste or scent.

Like saliva to skin,

and it all branches off to roots that grow expansively ‘neath the soil, drinking from the gloriously sodden coffee-ground earth.


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